Tooling Along

I have no actual airplane parts to show since my last post, but I have acquired some needed tools and supplies! Bandsaw blades, Scotch brite pads, drill bits, clecos, and a new Super Shear file from TM Technologies. These files are not cheap, but are absolutely amazing in their ability to cut aluminum smoothly.

I also picked up the metal to make my “Dave Clay” bending brake. I’m doing an 8 ft version so I can make the elevator skins. I purchased the stabilizer spars, I figured those would be too fiddly to bend on a home made brake.

Also since my last post I took a bit of a vacation and attended the Zenith Aircraft 25th Annual Open Hangar event. It was a lot of fun, and you can see all the pictures I took in this album.

While there I got to take a flight in the Cruzer, and it is a sweetheart! Did I return home even more excited to build the Cruzer? You betcha. But I also assembled a nice cover for my plans. 🙂

My next task is building the bending brake, then I will order some more aluminum and start making bigger parts. Fun stuff awaits!