End of Year Start of Assembly

Happy New Year! As we move into 2017, this post will actually talk about what I did in the last couple of weeks of 2016. I finally had the time to get with an EAA Technical Counselor, who also just happens to be a friend of mine who recently moved back to the area. He came over and gave my rudder parts a critical eye, and proclaimed it ready to rivet! So rivet it we did. Rick even got in on the riveting action.

Rudder horn getting riveted on:

Here’s me, showing off the finished part:

I also made the form blocks for the horizontal stabilizer ribs.

And I also cut out the blanks for the ribs. Here they are stacked, and rough cut on the bandsaw:

Then they were sanded on the belt sander and touched up with the super shear file:

It’s a great way to make multiple rib blanks!

That’s it for this entry!  As always, you can browse all the photos in my 750 Cruzer album.

I hope all of you have a safe and fun 2017.