A Change of Direction

To be honest, I’ve been putting off this entry for quite a while since I know it’s going to disappoint a few people. So I’ll just come right out and say it: I sold the Cruzer project.

A lot of factors came into play here, not the least of which is I realized my smaller-than-normal garage wasn’t deep enough to contain the fuselage. Combine that with the lack of hangars in my area (5 year waiting lists!), and a waning enthusiasm for flying in general and I just decided it was time to make room for other hobbies in my life.

The project went with my tech counselor Rick, and I know he’ll have a good time tinkering with it.

So what’s next for me, and for this blog? On a whim, Liz and I bought a wood lathe and have been having a lot of fun making wood chips.

I also have a 1998 Mazda pickup (visible to the left above) that needs some TLC, so a “resto-mod” of it is underway. Expect to see a few posts here about those projects.

And who knows, I may go nuts and decide to build (or buy) a plane again at some point in the future. You just never can tell with me. 🙂