What the heck? Where is all of JPC’s stuff? Good question! :)

JPC has a new site host, and in between Project Management classes and recording InsideHeli podcasts, he’ll eventually get stuff moved over. Patience. 😉

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3 comments on “Welcome!

  1. chris on said:


    I am just starting out with RC Heli’s. I have been flying Planes for 15 years. I really am enjoying the podcast. You guys do a great service. I wanted to get a photo of your starter modified with the B&D battery pack.

    Best regards,

  2. JustPlaneChris on said:

    Hey Chris! Glad you like the podcast. Here’s a link to some pics of the starter:


    I’ll re-post the article about the starter too, so you can have more details about it.

  3. Miataman on said:

    I know you have a small heli or two and I am interested in one. My local club is about to start it’s indoor season. ThAt means if I want to fly need a 250 or so size heli. Is there something you like better than the align 250. Seems like you had one if I remember correctly that you said flew lighter, and you modified it to fly even better.

    I am looking for one with collective so maybe I can learn to fly it better over the winter. Plus I would like to buy the best one I can the first time. I only want to do some loops and rolls, and fly more like a plane so I can fit in better with the local crowd.